Clever Plastic Coffee Dripper

Best Clever Dripper specialty of coffee preparing

The Clever Dripper is a combination of the French Press and the Pour-over. The clever coffee maker seems like a Pour-over coffee maker, but it operates similarly to a French Press. The dripper clever is like the Chemex Coffee Maker. But it is completely different. Even it is different from  “Black and Decker” and ” Keurig K-Elite” coffee makers. There is a specialty of the clever coffee maker. The specialty of the Clever Dripper is a prominent valve at the bottom.

When you put it on a flat surface, the valve stays closed, and you let the coffee brew for a few minutes. Then, you put it on top of a cup or jug, and the valve opens, letting the coffee filter through a standard Melitta filter. The coffee from the Clever Dripper is special because it combines immersion brewing flavors with Pour-over’s purity.

Clever dripper coffee instructions for making the best coffee

Clever Coffee Dripper is inviting you to the tasty coffee workshops. Dripper Dripper always provides 100% perfect service if you follow the instructions. By following the steps, you can perfectly make natural and improved coffee. Now see “How do you make Clever Dripper coffee?”

1. Boil the water with heat in a kettle until it reaches 94°C (200°F). If you use an electric kettle, you will set the temperature control at 94°C of the kettle. 

2. Place a filter in your Clever Dripper and rinse it with hot water to eliminate paper flavors. 

3. Set the Clever Dripper on a stable surface and add coffee grounds. Simply open the packet and pour the ground coffee into your Clever Dripper. Gently shake to level the coffee bed.

4. After the bloom, pour water slowly and evenly in concentric circles until the filter is filled. Cover the Clever Dripper with its lid. Start the timer and take a moment.

5. After 1 minute, remove the lid and gently break the crust of grounds with a spoon, taking care not to agitate the coffee too much.

6. Replace the lid and wait for an additional 1.5 minutes.

7. Once the 1.5 minutes have elapsed, position the Clever Dripper over a cup or server to open the valve, allowing the coffee to filter through. This process should take approximately one minute.

8. Your coffee is now ready! Pour it into your favorite mug.

9.  When the last drop of coffee falls into your cup, take out the dripper. That’s ok, your coffee is ready.

Reliability and Repeatability of Clever Coffee Dripper

The best Clever Coffee Dripper is really reliable and repeatable. You will always get great and tasty coffee like the coffee dripper. It is not difficult to use like a Microwave or range hood.

 You can always use the Clever perfectly like the automatic pour-over coffee maker. This Coffee Dripper will provide horrible results again and again. You can convictionly use the Clever Coffee Dripper in your kitchen.

1. Clever BPA Free Plastic Coffee Dripper

Clever Plastic Coffee Dripper

Get the best of both worlds with our innovative Clever Dripper, blending the convenience of pour-over with the richness of French press coffee. This smart device features a patented release valve for a mess-free brewing experience.

Included in the package are the Clever Dripper, 100 Clever Filters, a coaster, and a lid, ensuring you have everything you need for a delightful coffee routine.

It’s incredibly easy to use and clean like the Juicer: simply add a filter, hot water, and ground coffee, let it steep, and then place it on your mug to dispense. Once done, toss the filter and rinse the dripper – voila! Your morning brew is ready to enjoy.

With a generous capacity of 18 oz., it fits perfectly on cups and thermoses with tops wider than 1.5″ and less than 3.75″ in diameter.

If you choose the Clever Dripper, you can get permission to control the coffee-making time.

This Dipper is made of 100% BPA-free strong Tritan plastic. The Clever maker confirms both safety and longevity.


1. You can make coffee easily without any hassle.

2. It doesn’t make a mess when you’re making coffee.

3.  You can decide how strong you want your coffee to be.

4. It’s made of strong plastic that lasts a long time.

5.  It’s a good present for people who love coffee.


1. You have to do everything yourself; it’s not automatic.

2.  It can only hold a certain amount of coffee at once.

3. You need special filters to use it, which you might have to buy separately.

4.   It doesn’t keep your coffee hot for a long time.

5.  You have to wash it by hand; you can’t put it in the dishwasher.

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2. Clever Coffee Dripper Original Classic Design and Filters

Clever Classic Coffee Dripper

You will get the best of both worlds with our Clever Coffee Dripper!  It is different from a Ceramic pour-over coffee maker. It combines the simplicity and accuracy of pour-over coffee with the timeless immersion technique of the French Press. This innovative dripper stands out in its own class.

Enjoy hassle-free brewing with 100 Clever Coffee branded filters included in every box, along with a coaster and lid. No need to search for the perfect filter – we’ve got you covered.

 The Clever Coffee Dripper confirms tasty coffee every time. Its patented shut-off valve automatically releases coffee into your mug without any fuss.

Designed to fit cups with tops wider than 1.5 inches and less than 3.75 inches in diameter, our dripper holds up to 18 ounces of liquid. Experience the convenience and precision of Clever Coffee Dripper today!


1.  The Clever Dripper makes easily delicious coffee.

2. You needn’t tidy the drop of coffee in Dipper because it’s designed to prevent this problem.

3. You will get  100 pieces of free filters which is possible to use just now. 

4.  Coffee flows into your cup automatically when you place the dripper on top.

5. Fits on many different sizes of cups and holds a good amount of coffee.


1. It can only make a single cup of coffee at a time.

2. You have to change the filter again and again.

3. You can make only a single cup of coffee.

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3. Clever Glass Style Hassle-Free Coffee Maker

Clever Glass Style Coffee Maker

A Clever Glass Style Hassle-Free Coffee Maker, similar to an oven, is incredibly handy in any kitchen. Upgrade your coffee experience with the Glass Style Cleve Dripper! Say goodbye to gritty coffee with its sediment-free design. Available in Gray, Black, or Brown, colors will be randomly selected for shipment.

Pouring coffee becomes effortless, eliminating spills. After brewing, simply place the dripper on your cup, and the patented release valve automatically opens, pouring out your perfect cup of coffee.

Ideal for home or travel, its compact size makes it convenient to take anywhere. Just use standard #4 filter paper for brewing. Made from durable materials like DURAN Borosilicate Glass and TRITAN (PCTG), it’s built to last.

Plus, enjoy peace of mind with the Amazon A to Z guarantee covering your purchase. Elevate your coffee routine with the Glass Style Cleve Dripper today!


1. No more gritty coffee due to sediment-free design.

2. Effortless pouring, reducing spills.

3. Convenient for home or travel with its compact size.

4. Durable materials ensure long-lasting use.

5. Covered by Amazon A to Z guarantee for peace of mind.


1. Color selection is random.

2. May not accommodate larger cups.

3. Nice but limited to pouring one cup at a time.

4. The patented release valve mechanism might require maintenance.

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4. Timolino Clever Dripper – Ingeni Coffee & Tea Maker

Timolino Clever Dripper

Timolino Clever Dripper with Lid – your new favorite tool for making yummy coffee or tea without any fuss! This Clever is so beautiful like the Miracle Maid Cookware. No more tricky brewing methods! With this smart dripper, you can enjoy your hot drinks easily. Just put in your coffee grounds or tea leaves, pour in hot water, and let it do its thing!

The clever lid keeps your drink hot as it brews. And cleaning is very easy. Only wash with hot water then you can make coffee or tea.

No matter if you enjoy coffee or tea, the Timolino Clever Dripper is the perfect pick for getting your drinks just right every single time. Grab yours now and see how simple brewing can be!


1. Easy brewing: Make delicious coffee or tea effortlessly.

2. Convenient design: Includes a lid to keep your drink hot while brewing.

3. Simple cleaning: Just rinse it out for quick and easy maintenance.

4. Versatile: Works well for both coffee aficionados and tea enthusiasts.

5. Consistent results: Get perfect drinks every time without any hassle.


1. Limited capacity: This may not be suitable for making large batches of drinks.

2. Single-use: Designed for individual servings rather than large groups.

3. Manual operation: Requires pouring water and monitoring the brewing process.

4. Plastic construction: Some users may prefer materials other than plastic.

5. Requires hot water: Not suitable for cold brew or iced drinks.

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5. Timolino Clever Dripper Ingeni Coffee & Tea Maker

Ingeni Coffee & Tea Maker

Timolino Clever Dripper Ingeni Coffee & Tea Maker is no less than blue Keurig coffee makers! It holds up to 16 fluid ounces, making it super easy to brew your favorite coffee or tea.

Using it is a breeze! Just add your coffee grounds or tea leaves, pour in hot water, and let it sit for a bit. Once it’s ready, pop it onto your cup, and watch as the yummy drink flows out.

Whether you love coffee or tea, this handy maker guarantees a perfect cup every time. And it looks cool too, with its sleek and tough design that fits in any kitchen.

Get excited to boost your coffee and tea experience with the Timolino Clever Dripper Ingeni Coffee & Tea Maker!


  1. Easy to use for brewing coffee or tea.
  2. Smart design allows control over the brewing process.
  3. Versatile, and suitable for both coffee aficionados and tea lovers.
  4. Holds a generous 16 fl. oz. capacity.
  5. Sleek and durable construction adds style to any kitchen.


  1. Requires manual operation.
  2. Limited to brewing one cup at a time.
  3. May not be suitable for large gatherings or groups.
  4. Some users may prefer automatic brewing options.
  5. Cleaning and maintenance are required after each use.

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Q: How does a Clever Dripper work?

A: The Clever Dripper steers coffee grounds in hot water before releasing the brewed coffee through a valve at the bottom of the device.

Q: Who invented the Clever Dripper?

A: The Clever Dripper was invented by Taiwanese inventor and entrepreneur George Lai.

Q: What is the advantage of drip irrigation?

A: The advantage of drip irrigation is that it saves water by delivering small amounts of water directly to the roots of plants, reducing water waste and promoting better plant growth.

Q: What are the types of Clever drip irrigation?

A: Clever drip irrigation consists of four types.

These are-

1. Drip Surface Irrigation

2. Drip Subsurface Irrigation

3.  Micro-Sprinkler or Micro-Spray  Irrigation

4. Drip Tape Irrigation